i was like this seed with white feathers flung from it,

flying in the wind, as the current flew me,
flying along, delicately,

looking here and there.

i stopped, rested, only to know this was not home,
here i would die
and hence i flew again
wanting to grow
wanting to gather all the winds in my hair
i flew as a kite. not willed but not settled
looking on as an onlooker
studying this earth, the wind and river,
studying the innocent lips of the kids
blowing me away,
bidding me adieu with their dim blinking eyes
their ways change as they grow
and i see it all
now suddenly i feel heavy,
i feel something in me engineered to rest,
the sunlight filtered through me
like i was a transparent glass,
it touched a thing in me that told me
i have to kiss the ground now
i am in this downward spiral
as the kiss spirals out of me to me
i begin to understand what this means,
preparing to change my course,
to embrace the new journey,
i knew i always wanted it,
but was not prepared.
i am happy and sad,
happy to know i have been through the air
have matured to the fullest
hence the tree that comes of me,
will be beautiful
for i know how to love
sad i don’t know why,
to lose these dear wings perhaps,
but i will embrace my new state
for that was what i wanted unknowingly
to grow was what i wanted
the flying was to this end
and to this end it has come
and now i am to settle
in the dust and wait for rain
there is plenty
and in my time bloom
and keep the backwork going
i am happy to be gladdened by this duty
i am happy to be here

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