Home is where the heart is

‘And this room is where my children grew up. It also has a backdoor from where I used to go and check on them.’ ‘This house was built by the pleasures of my fathers pension. He is no more.’ ‘I am going to open a boutique on the ground floor, we can chat when you are home.’ ‘In this same home, in fifteen years my kids grew up and got married. Two daughters and two sons’ – Proceeds to show their photographs. ‘Will you have juice?’, ‘Yes if it is not much trouble’ – opens rasna packet and makes a drink. ‘You think Bangalore seems dull after Mumbai? I was in Mumbai for 16 years, in Bombay Scottish school. After marriage moved to Kanjivaram!’ ‘My son is a doctor at Hebbal, we are shifting there so that we can stay together. He has to go and attend emergencies there.’ ‘We are giving this house on rent because we have to pay a loan.’ ‘Tell me some good deals on Flipkart right now.’ ‘I am leaving the sofas and cupboard behind because I like you.’ ‘I have to attend my nieces wedding on Monday. She is very close to me. I was the first to get her weddings invitation.’ ‘Let me note down your number’- opens diary, locates A on the right edge, writes down.


JANUARY 20, 2015

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