Come back

I want to make shiny frizzy pet shoes, thousands join hands to make shiny frizzy pet shoes. I want to make ginger-garlic flavoured coffee, thousands line up to make ginger-garlic flavoured coffee. The ones who couldnt find amusing ideas to declare I am aggregating; food, clothes, taxis, makeup, humour, souls. I am a B2B, selling nothings to big companies making it sound so big. I am a retailer, selling stuff that has no value, so I create value and I sell. I thrust it down their throats, making it feel so vital as a medicine. I am a clown. I feel good as I dont sell anything to my audience. I rear them to fork out money from somewhere else. I keep my audience entertained, they are valuable. They are the happy bait. I provide service in whatever leg you want doing your laundry to wiping your ass to avoiding existential questions. I will do it. I am a specialist, so special is my field. And the team is so passionate. So very passionate. Arguing on cost, plans, customers. Making big flowcharts on whiteboards. Their passion spills out. I never understood why students take up roles such as Mess secy or Maint. secy (secretary). What is so exciting about it? But suddenly your cross wingies have lend their lives to the mess. Their life-goal is to include Paneer in the menu. How did they become so passionate? A PhD scholar working relentlessly on a bio-chip for detecting Cancer has a WhatsApp status now We deliver vegetables at your doorstep. Another wants to be an artist, forever regrets doing engineering and then goes and joins a startup making PPTs and pitching.

And the whole world is on Facebook. But how did we suppose that everyone will like to be on it. To know what is up with so many people and to play games/read articles. Spoonfeeding of useless information. There must be few who dont fit and still are straining their eyes over Instagram, WhatsApp. Still selling groceries with the bio-chip puzzle stuck in their heads. Managing a bunch of goo-eyed freshers on operations, screaming inside to run out and then what? Join another startup?

Are we creating opportunities, are we creating freedom? Or are we creating moulds, new ones which the top manipulates and the undecided novice are pressed against. Where is the non-startup crowd? Where are people who are not business minded? I dont believe being an entrepreneur in on everybodys mind, or it is the perfect job, perfect dream. It is just another safe comfort spot, isnt it? Another way to fit in.


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JUNE 22, 2016

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